National Food Security Mission : This project was implemented in 1000 ha 684 farmers of Tummala, Mallenipalli, Chamaluru, Chekrayapeta villages for pigeonpea. In addition to pigeonpea seed, prophenophos, single super phosphate and pheromone traps were distributed. An average productivity of 140 kg/acre was obtained.

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National Initative On Climate Resilient Agriculture :This project is implemented in Chamulru and Chakrayapeta villages this project implements activities on Natural Resource manangement, Water and Labour saving technologies, Water conservation techniques, capacity building and institutional interventions were carried out at village level.

  Technology Demonstration on Pulses : under this project complete package of practices in redgram and bengalgram were demonstrated each in 30 acres to improve the pulses productivity


Rastriya Krishi Vikas Yojana : Under this project Integrated Farming Systems “Field Testing and Popularizing Integrated Farming (Farming System Approaches) for sustainable livelihoods” are demonstrated with 25 farmers on different farming systems.