• Making Rainfed Groundnut- Profitable
  • DDE and other scientists visiting the exhibition stalls
  • Felicitation to innovative farmers during technology week
  • Participants during Technology week

Technology Week 2012 - 13


Technology Week – 27th&28th February 2013

Inaugural Session 27.02.13  at  09.30 AM



09.30AM - 10.30AM

Field visit in groups


Dr.P.Ganesh, SMS (Extension)

G.T.Madhavi, SMS (Horticulture)



Zero tillage Maize,NADEP compost unit, protected cultivation of vegetable seedlings, Azolla unit, canopy management in guava, sub surface drip irrigation in sweet orange 





10.45 AM



Ms. GT Madhavi, SMS (Horti)









10.55 AM

Activities of KVK


Dr. P. Lakshmi Reddy

Programme coordinator, KVK, Reddipalli





11.00 AM

Chairman remarks


Dr. Vijayabhinandana

Deputy Director of Extension, ANGRAU, Hyd






Release of  technical bulletins








Felicitation  to the innovative farmers








Line departments officials 


Joint Director of Agriculture




Joint Director of Animal Husbandry




Assistant Director, Horticulture, Anantapur




Programme Coordinator KVK, kalyandurgam




5.      Coordinator, DAATT Centre, Anantapur




6.      Principal Scientist, ARS, Rekulakunta




7.      Principal Scientist, ARS, Reddipalli




8.     Principal Scientist, HRS, Rekulakunta

9.     A.G.M, NABARD, Anantapuram




10.  Director, SRFMT&TI, Garladinne




11.    Project Director, DW & CW, Anantapur




12.   Assistant Director, Fisheries 




13.    Officials from other Allied Departments






Concluding remarks 


Dr. Vijayabhinandana

Deputy Director of Extension, ANGRAU, Hyd






Vote of thanks


Mr. K. Rama Subbaiah, SMS (Crop Production)




Felicitation to innovative farmers during technology week

Dr. Vijayabhinandana, DDE and other scientists visiting the exhibition stalls


The technology week was organized at KrishiVigyan Kendra, Reddipalli, Anantapur dist. on 27.03.2013 & 28.03.2013 with an objective of transferring technologies for Agricultural Department and farmers in holistic manner.

            Smt.M.K.Jyothsna, SMS (PP) welcomed all the dignitaries, officials, scientists, NGO’s, farmers, farm women and other members.

            The programme started with field visits to live demonstration at KVK, Instructional farm like Zero tillage maize, NADEP compost unit, protected cultivation of vegetable seedlings, Azolla unit, canopy management in guava, sub surface drip irrigation in sweet orange etc. Later the programme was  inaugurted  followed by lunch and technical sessions.

            Dr.B.Vijayabhinandana, D.D.E, ANGRAU, Hyderabad was the chief guest of the programme, Sri.SambasivaRao, JDA, Anantapur&Sri.Ravindra Prasad, NABARD,AGM were the guests of honour for the inaugural session. Dr.A.Prathap Reddy, Principal scientist, ARS, Anantapur, Dr.D.Loknathreddy, Principal scientist Head, ARS, Kadiri, Dr.S.Vasundhara, Principal, Agril.polytechnic, Dr.M.Johnsudheer, DAATTC, Anantapur, Dr.K.Bhargavi, Principal scientist & Head, ARS, Reddipalli, Dr.B.Srinivasulu, H.R.S, Rekulakunta, Dr.P.Lakshmi Reddy, Programme coordinator, KVK, Reddipalli were the other dignitaries on the dias.

                        Dr. P. Lakshmi Reddy, programme  coordinator presided over the meeting. The programme started with invocation of university song and lighting of the lamp by the guests. Later, he briefed the KVK objective and activities taken up during the year.

            Dr.B.Vijayabhinandana, D.D.E, ANGRAU addressed the gathering by expressing that KVKs play major role in transferring the technologies and the government & ICAR are sanctioning huge amounts for conducting demonstrations also stressed that even ICAR, D.G is very much interested in sanctioning funds to Anantapur district  so that the farmers will be benefitted more to overcome drought conditions. He congratulated that KVK, Reddipalli is one  of the model KVK’s among university KVK’s.He also stressed on demonstration(water &labour saving etc.) taken up by the KVK staff in villages could achieve better results and also the importance of whole village approach and focused group training to farmers.

Sri.SambasivaRao, JDA, Anantapuram addressed that anantapuram is the district having lowest rainfall in the country after Jaisalmer in Rajasthan, having lowest irrigation potentials. He also stressed 80% of the crops are based on rainfed condition, especially the groundnut crop. Low cost technologies, management practices, alternate crops to groundnut have to be popularized by the scientists. He inspired farmers to have own seed concept for next season and inform that separate budget for farm mechanization is been allotted to the district.

Sri.RavindraPrasad, AGM, NABARD explained the activities taken up by the NABARD in the district. He initiated that sufficient budget is available for different programmes related to farmers and women empowerment and he promised that the funds will be released for innovative projects and for the benefit of the farmers. He suggested that  programmes should be organized through formation  of  rythu clubs in the village.

Sri.Ranga swamy, APD, APMIP said that minor irrigation plays major role in the district and got its identification by the results achieved in the district. The situation now in Anantapur district is that without drip system, no farmer is ready to grow crops. Later he elucidated the progress achieved by the department in the district.

            After the address of guest speakers, felicitation to innovative/progressive farmers identified by KVK in the adopted and other villages of the district where KVK is operating who are instrumental in further spreading the technologies, was carried out. The members felicitated were

1)Smt.R.Mallamma, Rotarypuram (V), B.K.Samudram(M), Anantapuram

2)Sri.Vijayakumar Reddy, Chakrayapeta (V), Singanamala(M),  Anantapuram

3)Sri.K.Surya Prakash Reddy, Kottalapalli (V), Singanamala(M),  Anantapuram

4)Sri.V.Narasimhanaidu, Venkatampalli(V), Narpala(M) ),  Anantapuram

5)Sri.B.Venugopal, Reddipalli, B.K.Samudram(M), Anantapuram

            The inaugural function ended with vote of thanks,proposed by K.Ramasubbaiah,

SMS(CP), KVK, Reddipalli, followed by technical sessions.

List of stalls displayed for the benefit of framers for  2 days during technology week

1.      Krishi vigyan Kendra, Reddipalli

2.      Bayer crop science

3.      M&M tractors

4.      Sravani seeds

5.      John deere tractor company

6.      U.s. Agri seeds

7.      ABT irrigations

8.      United phosphorus limited

9.      Petroleum company

10.  Zuari industries limited



Day I(27.02.2013):

Theme:1. Sustainability in dry land agriculture crop diversification, Natural Resource  management.

              2.  Changing climate:Integrating technologies for cost reduction higher returns.

Team members:

1.Dr.Prathap kumar reddy, Principal Scientist(DLA),  Anantapuram

2.Dr.D.Lokanath Reddy, Principal Scientist, ARS, Kadiri

3.Dr.M.John Sudheer, DAATTC, Anantapuram

4.Dr.K.Bhargavi, Principal Scientist, ARS, Reddipalli, Anantapuram

5.Dr.D.Srinivasulu, Principal Scientist, HRS, Rekulakunta, Anantapuram


            The technical sessions involved interaction with farmers & NGO’s. Dr. D. Lokanath Reddy discussed with farmers the characteristic features of K6 & K9 varieties released by ARS, Kadiri and explained the characteristic benefits of Dharani variety, released by RARS, Tirupati. He insisted farmers to have own seed concept

Dr. D.Srinivasulu, Principal Scientist, HRS, Rekulakunta presented the scenario of horticultural crops grown in the district and also answered queries raised by the farmers on horticultural crops. He insisted on the importance of vermin compost, castor cake, organic manure for healthy growth of horticultural crops/plants.

Dr.K.Bhargavi, Principal Scientist explained about the cultivation aspects of clusterbean, she answered to the queries raised by the farmers.

Dr.P.Lakshmi Reddy, programme coordinator explained the farming community about water & labour saving technologies in groundnut, zero tillage maize and others answered to the queries  raised by the farmers.

            Discussions on indigenous technology knowledge (ITKs) with farmers were carried out and the same will be continued every year during technology week celebrations. Later first day programme ended with farmers’ scientist interaction.

List of other officials participated were

1.      V. Raghunath Reddy, ASO, Sericulture, Anantapuram

2.      Dr. B. Sahadeva Reddy, Sr, Scientist, ARs, Anantapuram

3.      Dr. M. Vijay Sankar Babu, Scientist, ARS, Anantapuram

4.      Dr. B. Srinivasulu, Principal Scientist, HRS, Anantapuram

5.      Dr. C. Radha Kumari, Scientist, DAATT Center

6.      Dr. NC Venkateswarlu, Sr. Scientist, ARS, Kadiri

7.      Sri. M. GnanaSekhar, DDA, FTC, Anantapuram


Day-2 : 28.02.2013





1.      Irrigated agriculture-labour and water saving technologies- high value crops


2.      Integrated farming systems-sheep, dairy and poultry rearing & Sericulture





1.      Dr. John Sudheer, Coordinator, DAATT Center, Anantapuram

2.      Dr. K. Bhargavi, Principal Scientist, ARS, Reddipalli

3.      Dr. Subramanyam, Principal  Scientist, HRS, Rekulakunta

4.      Dr. Johnson, Programme Coordinator ,KVK, Kalyandurg

5.      Dr. Subramanyam, Principal Scientist, ARS, Rekulakunta


The chief guests of day two programme were Sri. KV Krishna Rao, Industrialist from Raichur, Dr. Sathya Narayana Raju, Scientist from Regional Sericulture Research Station, Dr. Reddy Varaprasad, Veterinary Assistant Surgeon, Reddipalli. Farmers from Chakrayapeta, Chamaluru, Tadipatri, Bukkarayasamudram mandals attended the programme.

            Sri. KV Krishna Rao interacted with the farmers about marketing of gaur gum and explained in detail the problems in marketing of guar and problems faced due to price fluctuations in guar.

            Dr. Sathyanarayana Raju explained the farmers about low cost production technologies in sericulture like shoot rearing system of mulberry and informed that due to increase in price, high benefits can be achieved. He also informed about the subsidies available from the sericulture department .

            Dr. Vara prasad discussed with the farmers about care and maintenance of milch animals, stall feeding method in sheep rearing, maintenance of poultry. 

            The session continued with questions posed by farmers on various aspects of mechanization, animal husbandry, sericulture and fisheries for which respective personnel replied.

             Finally, the programme concluded with the vote of thanks proposed by Ms. K. Sudha Rani, RA (HSc).


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